Presidential Candidates

2020 Presidential candidates' stance on women's issues:

Republican:  Women for Trump

Women for Trump will empower women to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing their experiences and successes during the Trump administration. 
Donald Trump - President 
Mike Pence - Vice President


Democrat:  Women for Biden

Joe Biden has an unmatched record of working for women – for our health care, our paychecks, our safety, and our families. But he knows there is more to be done, so he’s fighting with us for more progress.
Joe Biden - President
Vice President (TBD)



President (TBD)
Vice President (TBD)


Green Party:  Women's Rights

The Green party believes that democracy cannot work without equality for women, which provides equal participation and representation and is committed to increasing participation of women in politics, government and leadership so they can change laws, make decisions, and create policy solutions that affect and will improve women's lives.

President (TBD)
Vice President (TBD)